5 Easy Ways to Prevent And Reduce Frown Lines

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 Prevention they say is better than cure and it is better to spend your money on other things than spending it curing something ordinarily would have been prevented.

I often preach prevention because it is one of the best ways to stop frown lines from appearing on your skin this is because some of the best treatments of frown lines are quite expensive especially to low income earners.

Surprisingly, not many people care to prevent frown lines from appearing on their skin.

The following are ways you can prevent and reduce frown lines on your skin.

How to Prevent and Reduce Frown Lines

Good sleep: Adequate sleep not only makes you look fresh, but can also help prevent frown lines in between your forehead. Good sleep helps to stimulate the growth of hormones, thus promoting the production of collagen and elastin.

Stop frowning: To prevent frown lines, you must try to reduce the number of times or the rate at which you frown daily. It is normal to frown in a while. But continuous or repeated frowning especially for long time is not good if you want to prevent frown lines. If you can stay off frowning, the better for you. Read post on 5 easy ways to stop frowning.

Wear sunscreen: Since sunlight is one of the major causes of frown lines, then it is advisable to protect your self from the sun’s damaging rays. The sun’s rays is known to cause and worsen frown lines.One of the ways to protect yourself from sun’s ray is by wearing sunscreen.Sunscreen tends to absorb or reflect some the sun’s violet rays on the part of the skin exposed to sunlight.Sunscreen not only protects your skin but also prevent further lines on your skin.It is also advised to wear sunglasses every time you leave the house.

Drink lots of water: Water is very good for the skin. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and thereby preventing it from lines. See post on 6 sure ways to help you drink more water and benefits of drinking more water.

Apply Moisturizers: Moisturizers help to soften the skin. Apply moisturizers on every corner of your forehead. It will help to make the skin supple thereby reducing frown lines.


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