Black Horse Cars

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Black Horse is also a dealer located in Oldbury, connected in some way with Lloyds TSB, having a wonderful lot of used cars for your selection, and the range and categories of cars are indeed mind blowing.

If you are tried to find out a car having bigger boot space which is something like a station wagon, you will find a wide range in Black Horse Cars, from Peugeot, to Vauxhall and Renault. Visit them and try to make up your mind, about the model and make which you would want, and you will be taken around their entire collection, and you will certainly find something which will match your needs. You will not be surprised to be riddled with a selection problem, even as the Black Horse Cars can throw up as many as five to ten cars each one meeting your specification, which will not only suit your budget and also match the mileage you anticipate. .

You have to be extra careful with the sales personnel, who may try to push you with some car or the other, once he throws up the selection of cars which meet your specifications. If you fee that they are trying to be pushy, just tell them that you would leave, and you will find the discount on the car price being increased. .

Having bargained, take a drive in the car, and there is yet another option to discuss the car in their office room. Black Horse Cars have a large office having a number of salesmen, and they all would be busy with some kind of paper work or the other every time. You can start bargaining the price in the office yet again, and see that some more discount is offered, and warranties thrown in. Remember, here unless you ask for it, you will not get the discounts, and so you should go on asking for extras, till they feel that you are not a real buyer.

Black Horse Cars also offer loans to meet the cost of car, but their loan costs are too high. You can pay by check, and usually they may ask a few days time for delivering the car, making sure that your check is paid into their account.

Once the deal is done, and you pick up the car, you will not face any kind of problem, and the service from Black Horse Cars is worth the value for money. You will certainly recommend others to visit Black Horse for their used car needs.


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