Benefits of Quitting Smoking Timeline

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you may have some unpleasant feel but your body actually starts the recovery process in no less than half an hour! Apart from looking into the concepts and benefits of quitting smoking, you just have to look at the benefits of quitting smoking timeline to start thinking about quitting smoking.

By looking at benefits of quitting smoking timeline you would not only be amazed but would definitely want to try it yourself.

At first 2 hours – In the first two hours itself your blood pressure and your heart rate will come down to the normal level, you might feel a burning sensation on your hands and feet.

At 8 hours – The carbon monoxide levels which you have accumulated in your blood due to smoking, starts decreasing and oxygen level increases.

At 24 hours – At 24 hours your body cleanses itself of the smoke levels in the body, and once it is done the risk of a heart attack reduces considerably.

At 48 hours – At 48 hours you might be tempted to smoke again because this is the time when you undergo worst affects of quitting smoking. Initially, when nervous regeneration takes place you lose the taste and smelling senses. After this point improvement takes place.

At 2-3 Weeks – This is the period when you start seeing the positive signs clearly. You would feel better from inside and would be able to perform physical activities and strenuous activities with a great ease. Covering a great distance by walk wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Your body and in particular lungs would be healthier.

At 1-9 Months – Lung regeneration takes place; the tiny cilia on the surface of your lungs grow and function again. You feel more alerted and les tired, your health improves in general.

At 1 year – At one year, the risks of a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases decrease to about fifty percent.

At 10 years – You have a lesser risk of getting cancer such as lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer and other types of cancer which usually attacks the smokers.

At 15 years – The risk of you having heart diseases reduces to a level of non smoker.

All these benefits of quitting smoking timeline motivate you to quit smoking.


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