Benefits of Chia Seeds

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In the early history of the Americas, chia seeds were a staple food to many indigenous peoples, valued as an easily digested high energy food in a very compact form. Today chia seeds are gaining popularity for those reasons and more as modern science has come full circle to realize that the old fashioned idea that “you are what you eat” actually has more merit than previously acknowledged.A major food crop of the Aztecs and other Native Americans, chia seeds were an invaluable source of nutrition and energy. Easy to store and transport, these seeds were used on long marches to maintain energy, as only one or two tablespoons of this nutrient rich food were said to be necessary to sustain a person through twenty four hours of exertion.Today chia seeds are a dietary supplement often referred to as a “superfood” due to their extraordinary nutritional value. These little seeds, unlike other grains are complete protein and are high in omega-3 fatty acids,calcium and iron.These Benefits of Chia Seeds are especially important to those who are at heightened risk for heart disease and stroke.Omega-3 so plentiful in chia seeds has also shown in many studies to be helpful in the treatment of depression. These studies show that those suffering from depression often have abnormally low levels of essential fatty acids. Supplementing the diet with omega-3 rich foods has produced a marked reduction of the symptoms of depression in many cases.Chia seeds have shown some promising results for people with type-2 diabetes as well. Since they contain a generous amount of soluble fiber, chia seeds slow the absorption of sugar and starches into the system, keeping blood glucose levels more stable. The natural anti inflammatory and blood thining properties of chia seeds are extremely beneficial to diabetics also, as are the natural support that chia seeds essential fatty acids lend to blood pressure and cholesterol control.

Benefits of Chia Seeds in dieters as well, their high fiber content making them quite filling. When added as an ingredient in meals, chia seeds add nutritional value and replace higher calorie ingredients. Their mild flavor makes them undetectable in many recipes giving dieters a convenient method of calorie reduction that does not compromise the flavor of favorite meals.


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