Whitby Restaurants And Public Houses, What to Expect on a Visit to The Town

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The small fishing port of Whitby situated on the north east coastline in the county of north Yorkshire is perhaps one of the most popular  holiday destination choices for many tourists.Over the last twenty years or so, Whitby has increased the tourism industry so much so that it is now a major source of income for the town and a large part of the population are involved in one way or another.

There has been a particular growth in the number and choice of  Whitby restaurants  introduced in the latter decade.  Formerly there were standard restaurants offering a largely comprehensive menu choice but of traditional English dishes. This has now changed mainly by the introduction of differing international types of eating establishments. There has been a growth in the Eastern cuisine encompassing Chinese Indian and Thai.  These restaurants offer exciting menus with exotic ingredients and decor. Perhaps more of a Mediterranean flavour has been introduced by the Italian restaurants and bistros offering their pastas, pizzas and flavoursome chicken, fish and steak dishes.

The ever popular fish and chip restaurants are now including a medley of different choices in addition to the standard fayre.  No trip to Whitby would be complete without a meal of local fish and chips either from a restaurant or take-away. There has been a steady increase in the number of the perhaps more upmarket eating establishments offering contemporary surroundings with noveau cuisine dishes some even with musical entertainment!

Public houses alongside the restaurants have been increasingly updating their menus from the traditional ‘pub meals’.  The growth in the child friendly establishments have increased the range of customer ages enabling families to dine together and of course the ban on smoking has made them even more suitable for family dining. The lifting of the strict licensing hours of opening has also changed the perception of the old fashioned pub. More and more Whitby Pubs  are offering ‘morning coffee’ or even ‘all day long coffee’ with a comprehensive list of soft drink options to complement their table menus. Many have separate dining rooms in addition to the bar eating areas.

Increased choice availability in Whitby has given a more cosmopolitan feel to the whole dining experience. Of course, the type of food and style of restaurant is entirely a personal choice but Whitby is fully equipped to offer the most discerning diner a meal tempt their taste buds.


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