How Fish Can be Beneficial to Life

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WYSIWYG, this is a term used in Web Designing for “What You See Is What You Get”. The principle is not different in achieving good and healthy living; our eating standard plays a major role in how healthy we look and how long we live.

Record had shown that majority of people have deviated from the ethics of balance diet, this has greatly reduced the global average life span drastically to about 45 years.

Eating more food will not contribute the amount of nutrients required by the body, because nutrients deposition in the body is not about how many packs of food you consumed but the amount of required nutrients available in the composition.

The body requires a lot of vitamins and proteins to function properly which is why fish is very significant in our quest for achieving a healthy and balanced body system..

Whether you are a Vegan, Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, the importance of fish in our diet composition is inevitable.

Some of its Importance is discussed below:-

Food Production

Fish serves as one of the most reliable food supplied to human by nature, its come fresh, abundant in supply and engaged as one of the most viable complimentary object to any types of food globally.

Provision of Medicine (Healing Power)

Research has shown that in a situation where there is high consumption of fish, there is tendency of high utilization of Omega 3 which will reduce the risk of exposure of heart disease.

Nutrient Composition of Fish

• Minerals

• Vitamins

• Water

• Carbohydrates

• Fat

All these aforementioned nutrients plays important role in the well being of human folks and they are all embedded into fish in required quantity. As important as fish can be, it is imperative to equip yourself with different preparation processes, take this recipe as a gift:-


1. Divide into convenient pieces, cover with boiling water.

2. Add a teaspoonful of sugar, and boil for fifteen minutes.

3. Take up on a hot platter, remove the skin, and dot with butter.

Like I use to say………. As you can see, you don´t need to be an angel to do this, lol!, I am counting on you and I know you will not let me down, Go and do it; and give your loved ones a nice time with yourself. Get it done and thank me later.


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