Nutritional Value, Vitamins And How to Pick The Right Beans-Green Beans Recipes Tips

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Green beans recipes could help you lose weight, and I will further elaborate on this and the vitamin issue later in this post, to give you an idea what’s true and what isn’t when it comes to green beans.

There are green beans recipes for amazing soups, great salads but also tasty meals in general, which are not only cool because they taste good, but because they are healthy at the same time. They can be integrated into every low-carb or slow carb diet as they only contain about 27kcal per 100g of the beans on average. This might let you believe they are too lean to contain a lot of important nutrients and fibers to improve your metabolism – to put it short, they do. These beans have high protein content; they also consist of calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Vitamins A and C and some of the B Vitamins are also brought to you, so is pro-vitamin A.

What’s great about green beans is that they can be purchased deep frozen, so you can use them all year long, and they almost don’t lose any nutrients at all when being frozen. Obviously, buying fresh green beans to use for your green beans recipes won’t do any harm; however when doing so you need to make sure that the quality is sufficient. This means that they have to be rather stiff and do crack when bent, the color should be a fresh, bright green. Old beans are more flexible and are dark green, also their surface is less smooth but more wrinkly. These should be avoided. As already mentioned in another article, all types of fresh beans have to be cooked thoroughly (which means above 70° C) in order to be edible or rather to avoid the side effects.

In terms of storing beans, freshly purchased green vegetables shouldn’t be kept in the fridge for more than two days as they are very likely to become “old” and lose most of their precious nutrients, vitamins and beneficial elements listed above. To make sure beans never stay in your fridge for that long, you should always be on the look-out for some recipes that include or are based on the amazing green beans. There are plenty out there and it should be easy to find some, you can also always ask the farmers at the farmers market. I can only stress again how underrated this type of food is and I believe I already lined out how healthy it can be, so you should go out, buy a pound and give it a try!



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