Memories- Cherished Forever

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Going through some old snaps I realized,

How quickly time has gone by.

The thought that this time would never return, leaves me tantalized,

In front of me all memories lie.

I see myself in my mother’s arm,

It is the day when I was born.

My eyes are shut and I look calm,

I wait patiently to witness the new morn.

I flip the page and see I am having fun,

Playing with a toy rattle and I am probably just one.

The rattle today is replaced by the cell phone,

From one toy to another, is it the change?

As I look further I observe,

Four years have passed on a moment’s spur.

My first day at school and I am neatly dressed,

Bewildered and bemused is what my face suggests.

Here I am nine and I must admit,

I am dressed like a princess and the aura seems lit.

For it is my birthday, a time to rejoice,

But I am more concerned about the gifted toys.

I enter my teens and notice another change,

From soft pink hands to painted nails.

I strike a pose for the lens,

But this new change makes me tensed.

I turn eighteen; I am an ‘adult’ now,

I see many friends all around.

But am I getting lost in this crowd?

This new status perplexes me, I don’t know what to do and how?

As years pass and pages flip,

From my hands my childhood slips.

Is it all a master plan?

Presented before me with great élan.

Did it happen to make me realize

That growing up is a part of life.

And now when I waiver I am reassured,

I will always be papa’s doll and mum’s little angel for sure.

i have always loved my parents, loved being close to them, have loved their pampering me, have loved every bit of our relationship. still as i grow up i tend to start avoiding them.Also i start feeling their care is too intruding and is destroying my freedom. But irrespective of my feelings, they have always loved me like they did. they care for me like nobody does.


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