Bbc Broad Band Speed Test

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The factors that affect the broad band speed are

Speed plan of the enrolled connection (Package).

The more the distance the telephone exchange is the lower is the speed (Location). People in the remote areas and villages normally have low speed broadband.

Configuration of the computer used.

Number of persons who are online in the surroundings.

The weather – normally in the foggy and rainy seasons the speed would be low.

So the BBC news channel website is facing serious problems with the server traffic and the speed fluctuates during a day.

The BBC broadband test is as follows. There is a small icon named as ‘start the test’. So one who wants to check the speed the BBC broadband test may help greatly and click on the icon named as ‘start the test’. With in minutes one may find the result. The connection to the website working at the x speed will be displayed in the Box.

Some comments is also displayed as of how many minutes required downloading a song of 4 minutes or the time required to download a TV program which runs for half an hour.There are also other test named as ‘10MB quick time file’. As per this test a 10MB is downloaded and the time required to download the file is tested. This test is performed by starting a stop watch at the beginning of the download and stopping the stopwatch when the download is completed. Then open the downloaded file. There will be a video by Rory Cellan Jones in which he describes the method of testing the broadband speed.Thus the BBC broadband test is really wonderful and an indicative of the speed generated during the download of a site. These are not a proof for the speed of the connection used. You may also share the results obtained from the speed test by adding your comment on the comment box provided with respect to the location and speed of the broadband connection. You can also view others comment of the speed test and can plot a pattern of the speed across a particular place in UK.

Thanks to the technology which makes it possible for us to check the speed across the location and helps to plan in an innovative and better ways.


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