How To Protect Eyes From Computer Radiations?

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People from IT profession and working in corporate offices have to spend long hours in front of PC for official reason. Other people who are also spend long hours in front of PC for other reasons as leisure and entertainment. But very less among them will realize the problems which they might have to face in the future, due to carelessness on their own health, no free time, Long hours of busy schedule and work and mainly, Mental stress. Everyone who spends long hours a day in front of a computer screen has to realize that they should not scarifies their eyes behind! Eyes are most important part of human body and no risk can be taken against eyes.

Below are 15 tips to be followed on regular basis to maintain better eye-sight and protect from its power decline.

  1. Keep distance between computer and your eyes at least 45 cm.

  2. Keep level of your monitor parallel to your eyes.

  3. Adjust brightness of monitor as per your comfort; it must not be much brighter or much dim.

  4. Take some rest and walk around in office in between while you are working on the computer.

  5. Often blink your eyes while working on the computer. Washing of eyes with cold water in between your work will refresh the eyes.

  6. Choose that type of computer screen which will low radiation like LCD screen.

  7. Use zooming to view small items, text, drawings etc.

  8. Use computer screen protector or filter to lessen radiation generated by computer.

  9. Try to avoid very small size of laptops.

  10. Vitamin A is beneficial for eyes. So take plenty of green vegetables, milk and eggs.

  11. Try to avoid working while suffering from eyestrain, itching or red eyes.

  12. Try to avoid using laptops while travelling in train / bus or other frequent jerk giving modes of transport.

  13. Use proper power lens.

  14. Regular checkup of eyes is also essential.

Use of eye-protecting softwares like Flu.x , it is a great software which you can use at work and have better viewing experience even at long working hours. Flu.x is the application which changes the color of your display depending on the time of day. It uses a technique similar to warming or cooling an image.


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