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 Probably a picture of yourself or just anything that you think will depict the theme of your site. To start to add image html, have your pictures ready and we will give you a walk through in adding an image to your html. These are just few easy steps and a little discussion so that you can do it yourself next time.First, you must have your picture files ready as well as html in your computer. The command is the syntax used in adding an image. After the image command, you must indicate the location of the image. Now, you can already add more attributes to this command depending on how you would want your image to appear in your page. These images can have .gif or. jpg extensions. An example command is myimage.gif”, this command points on the myimage.gif file as the source file. On the other hand, you can also point to an HTML document as you source file. You only have to replace the filename with the url of the location where you would want to access a certain image. Here are some of the attributes and their uses to add image html:

ALT – used to put some texts that the users can read in cases when the image does not load or while the image is still loading. This gives the user an idea on what image is supposed to be loaded in the page or what image is still loading. The proper syntax is ”Imagedscriptionhere”.

WIDTH & HEIGHT – used to specify the height and the width of the image. This attribute allows faster loading of images. Just bear in mind that the image size must not go beyond its original size. An example code using this attribute is ”Imagedescriptionhere”

Border attribute – this attribute is added to the image tag to specify the size of the image border. An example code using this attribute is ”Imagedescriptionhere”

Aside from the attributes, there also tags that are used to position the image anywhere in the page. For example is the tag which is used to position the image at the center of the screen. Using the tags and attributes to add image html that havewere discussed above you can already add image to your html and create a well organized and fast-loading webpage.


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