Tidal Power

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Tidal power does not come from solar energy than the gravitational

(attractive) forces of the Moon and the Sun acting on the water in the oceans.
There is great potential for exploitation of this energy, but is rarely used.
This energy can be
gainedwhere the tides are very pronounced (for example, there are places where the difference between high tide and low tide is greater than 10 meters).

For the exploitation of tidal energy is necessary to choose a suitable place on the coast, where the high tide, with the possibility of isolation of the sea surface to create the storage pool (ie the construction of the dam wall).

The principle is simple and very similar to the principle of hydro power: energy of water drives a turbine, which drives a generator, and so it produces electricity.
At the entrance to the gulf, a damwhen the water level rise is passed through the turbine in the Gulf. When the bay filled damis closed and waiting for the water level drops. Then the water is discharged in the same way from the gulf.

The main problems in using this energy ebb and flow instability are (should wait for the water level rises enough, or enough to fall) and a small number of places suitable for the use of such forms of energy.

Tidal power began to be exploited in the 11th century when they built small dams to estuaries (funnel-shaped expanded river estuary which enters the sea at high tide) and small streams. The water collected behind the dam is driven by the wheels of mills during periods of low tide.

The most famous is the power plant at the mouth of the River Rance in France built in 1966, which still works.

Strength this power plants is approximately 1/5 nuclear power plants or coal plants.

Russia has built a small plant in Murmansk, the Bay of Fundy in Canada, China a few plants, but none of these countries have not made significant progress.

Method of use relates to the location of power plants in sea straits. Through the Strait tidal wave guides, and so its energy increases. To drive the generators are used underwater turbines similar to wind power. In the same way trying to take advantage of the energy of ocean currents, but this technology is still in its infancy.

There are few locations in the world who qualify for the exploitation of tidal energy. The technology is not sufficiently developed. Prices of construction and maintenance costs are high.That’s why this energy source is not sufficiently exploited.
It is important that the energy of the tides there.It is important to know that this is a valuable and renewable source of energy. It is hoped that in the near future be able to use more. 


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