Pushkar Fair 2011 – Enjoy India’s Largest Tribal Gathering

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Choosing a beautiful destination for the tour is most difficult part. It becomes some more difficult to choose because of its rich culture and the benevolent face of the mesmerizing country India. The tour to Pushkar, situated in the royal state of Rajasthan makes the people to meet the traditional beauty on the golden sand. It is one of the famous travel options around India. The Pushkar fair 2011 is unique camel fair which resembles Rajasthan’s traditional attires, arts and crafts and lifestyles.

Phuskar camel fair is considered to be the unique fair of its genus all over the world. The Pushkar fair 2011 attracts people from all corners of the world. Many people visit this fair as a means to sell their live stocks. The tourists arrive from various parts of the world to buy handicrafts. And they enjoy themselves by participating in the camel races and music competitions. This Pushkar fair is a popular spotlight of Indian desert. The pushkar festival also conducts many funny competitions to entertain the tourists.

The pushkar camel fair includes the camel beauty contests in which the camels wear clothes with beautiful embroideries and mirror worked saddlecloth. This famous pushkar fair is conducted every year. Pushkar fair 2011 is known as colorful festival with rich traditional crafts of Rajasthan.

The way to Pushkar is also interesting one. A winding road among the hills with full of natural scenes seems to be very excited to travel. While traveling through this place the travelers can experience refreshments with the beautiful flower plants on either side of the road. The pedestrians can enjoy the walk and also can rest under the shady trees. The main attraction of the Phusker is its natural beauty. The Pushkar fair 2011 is considered as the India’s greatest tribal gathering.

The most interesting feature of the pushkar mela is the cattle competition. Variety of competitions brings lots of fun and entertainment for the tourists. The pushkar main bazaar also offers a great place for shopping. The tourist love to purchase the embroidered fabrics, Rajasthani puppets, silver and beaded jewelry and so on. The pushkar fair is conducted on every November.

The Pushkar fair 2011 is one of the largest camel fair which is held for trading purposes. The best cattle’s are being awarded in this pushkar festival. Thousands of devotees from various places arrive in this pushkar fair to take a dip in the holy lake and to pray for them. The sleepy little township becomes alive with the pushkar camel fair. Countless people enjoy the music, dances, magic shows, camel races and various other competitions.

The Pushkar fair 2011 is renowned worldwide. The pushkar is also known as holy town in Rajasthan for its sacred lake. The popular camel fair phuskar is held for five days. The fair is not only famous for cattle trade, but also for cattle and horses. During the pushkar festival the food will be served with a choice of Indian and continental delicacies. The whole village is specially designed to complement with the natural beauty.


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