Pay Attention to Sleep Quality

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The expert introduces, the sleep is one of most important physiological course, it makes the tired nerve cell resume the normal physiology function, spirit and physical power are resumed. The investigation that China sleep association releases recently reveals, the Chinese insomnia crowd is about 38%, insomnia is distributed in order that between 18- 55 years old at crowd’s age, women’s insomnia often exceeds men. Say that insomnia or reason not good of sleep mainly come from working pressure to cause oneself over half the persons investigated, about 30% of persons are because of the trival matters in life. In addition, because factors such as external factors such as the noise, light,etc. and illness,etc. cause insomnia or the good one of sleep to account for about 10%.

Discover, it will cause the volunteer who participates in the experiment to be tired the next day that suffered from insomnia once in a while and movements were incongruous, suffering from insomnia for a long time will bring the consequence such as attention can’t concentrating on, memory presents the obstacle and works unable to do what one wishesly, etc.. If people do not have enough sleep for some time, the health will present old and feeble symptom, the serious one will suffer from diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, diabetes,etc.. Insomnia is closely related to many kinds of diseases of the health. Will lead to the fact human immunity drops, it is apt to fall ill, it is difficult to recover if not having enough sleep. To one’s own person suffering from other diseases, the sleep can bring out diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease,etc. and break out completely not, hepatopathy, kidney patient are apt to make symptom become more serious too. The patient after the operation if the sleep is not good, will delay the wound to heal; If children suffer from and does not have enough sleep seriously, can influence its body development.

How to create the good condition for sleeping soundly by doing – -Relaxed mental state, calming down mood, avoid various high emotion before sleeping; Working and resting has it often, form the sleep rhythm of the law, had better fall asleep at 10-11 o’clock every night; Dinner does not move vigorously before not satiating, sleeping, can steep the foot or drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed; The sleep posture adopted, as to common people, it is the best choice to lie on one’s side, it is apt to influence sleep quality to sleep lying prone, it is apt to result in snoring to lie supine; Keep the sleep environment quiet, the beds, pillows are clean and comfortable, prevent the light from interfering with.


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