Love: First Love

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Many of the wirters say that love is the most beautiful feeling. Everyone feels so till one is in realationship. But what when the relationsip ends? You have nowhere to go. All the places where you and your loved one has spent time together appear to be the part of a dream; an unfulfilled dream I must say. The smile that’s always there on your face whilst you are in relationship disappears. All those who have fallen in love would agree to this I believe, when you lie down on your bed how happy you are. It seems you have the happiness of the entire world. You treat people so nicely, there is happiness in your walk even, isn’t it?

But what when the relationship ends. Have you experienced heart ache? Yes the same feeling of the heart popping out from your chest, the difficulty in breathing, you want to cry but tears don’t flow and the a painful drop runs down your eyes and you feel you have lost everything that was yours. Nothing seems good, you feel you have lost your life. You don’t eat, you don’t drink, you don’t go out anywhere. I mean you run away from everyone. Turn rude, lose confidence, and become numb.

Has anyone who’s reading this experienced the same. Well many people I know have. But there is one more thing I have experienced and that is that girls in such cases are very strong compared to guys. I have met many guys who have lost everything after their relationship ended. Here I am not discriminating between males and females. Its just that I appreciate girls being so strong. It isn’t that they don’t feel anything but they know how to end it. I guess this is the reason people say that girls are more matured than boys or I must say that females are more matured than males.

But the feeling of first love is amazing. Isn’t it. When everything happens for the first time. I believe everyone misses that innocence that anxiety. The feeling of the first kiss on your cheek then the first lip kiss, they are still alive. Well in my case it is.

Yes I agree that love is the most beautiful thing one would experience but is the one who betrayed you worth making your life agree??

Think about it if you read my article I would love to know



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