Pushkar Fair 2011 – Exhibits The Diversity

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Have you heard of the saying unity in diversity? India is having the diversity in the states, community and the culture. Different types of peoples who hold different cultures are living in India with immense unity. Every state and the people there have their own fairs and festivals. Among all the states in India, Rajasthan is considered as the biggest one. Rajasthan is conducting a renowned fair known as the pushkar fair. The pushkar fair is known as the world’s largest camel fair. There are numerous reasons for the popularity of the pushkar camel fair.

In the fair, huge trades of camels takes place. For this reason the fair is named as the pushkar camel fair. Apart from the trade of camels there will be the trade of domestic animals such as sheep, cow, goat and dogs. Pushkar is the name of a lake in Rajasthan. The pushkar fair is conducted on the banks of that sacred lake. The people used to have a dip in the lake before they start to involve in the fair. The fare always starts with a huge camel race. The pushkar camel fair is not only famous for its history but is also famous for the various contents or events held on the fair.

The pushkar fair is held for seven days which includes versatile contents. The contents would be anything right from the camel to the cricket match. The match will be contected between the local pushkar cricket teams and the tourist team. The other two most common competition contected are the bridle and rooster competition. One can bewitch with the music played by the local musician and those come from the other states. The funniest competitions that take place every year in camel fair pushkar is the competition to find out the biggest mustache. The mustache is considered as a sign of respect in India.

As all other fairs that held in India camel fair pushkar also have the melas of shops. The pushkar mela have the shops such as the jewelery, fabrics, clothes, eatables, antique and traditional handicrafts etc. Mostly all the women used to do shopping from these stalls. All the commodities are of good quality in very economical prices. Varieties of exhibitions are held during the Pushkar fair. The main thing to notice in the Pushkar fair is the sales of camels. The camels are sold only after a few physical tests to assure its fitness.

The people who wish to sell their camels start the preparation for that day so that they can get a handsome amount by selling them. The Pushkar camel fair also exhibits the togetherness of the Indians, rich colors and also the diversity in the life of the people living in Rajasthan.Pushkar camel fair 2011 is going to be conducted in the month of November. The pushkar fair dates are fixed from November 2 – 10. The camel trading will start on November second and will finish on November sixth.


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