How to Start a Website Business in 3 Easy Steps

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1. Buy a domain name. Don’t be too cute. Just say what the website is about in as few a number of words as possible. Most all of the good domains are taken, but you can still find a decent one if you include some extra words in it. This will cost you about $10 per year.
2. Create a website. This was a bit more difficult several years ago, but not anymore. Just go to WordPress or Tumblr to start a blog site in a few minutes. Or if you want to sell products use a website builder to make a great website without having to know any programming. Just pick a layout, drag and drop images, enter some text, and you’re done. Hosting your site will cost you about $5 per month.
3. Promote your website. This is the more difficult aspect of having a successful online business. It’s not difficult to do, but it does take a lot of work. You’ll want to do as many of the following as possible as much as possible:
• Create a Facebook fan page for your business and promote it. Interact with Facebook users, giving them useful information about your product or service. Include a link on your fan page to your website.
• Create a Twitter account. Follow other users in your industry and interact with as many people as possible. Use the Twitter search function to find people talking about your field of interest. Follow these people and reply to them or direct message them. Again, include links back to your website.
• Create lots of content for your website. Content can come in the form of written text, video clips, or audio. This is probably the most important thing you can do to help insure your online success. You want to create high quality content as often as possible. For this reason be sure to start a business in an industry that you really care about. If you only start a business to make money, you’ll quickly tire of generating content and the traffic to your site will fall off. This may sound a bit strange, but don’t focus on making money at first. Just crank out tons of good content and people will find you. Once you have enough traffic, there will be lots of opportunities to make money.
• Go to to search for blogs in your field. Join the conversations taking place about your business product, service, or related issues. Leave a useful, interesting comment along with your name and link to your website.
• Find other websites in your industry and contact the site owner and ask them to exchange links with you. Try to find sites that are not direct competitors, but are related to your site in a meaningful way. If the owner agrees, you’ll place a link on your site to his site, and he’ll do the same for you. Both of your sites will benefit as a result.
• Write more content in the form of articles and submit them to article directory sites.,, and are some of the best, but there are dozens of other high quality article directories. Be sure to include a link in the author bio box to your website.
• Write and distribute a press release. When you have interesting news related to your business (new product, trade show exhibit, special event, etc) write a press release and use a distribution service to release it. Skip the free services. Spend a few bucks on a quality distribution service and you’ll really notice the difference.


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