Top Ranking Google Websites – What Do They Have?

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Admiring those top ranking sites and leading search engines like Google websites is perfectly fine but if you want to follow their footsteps, studying these sites closely is much more important. By doing so, you pick up helpful tips that you can use down the road. Similarly, you can learn useful information to guide you when you are ready to build you own web site and take it to the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo. To top the popular search engines essentially means to get tremendous volumes of traffic on a regular basis and that is without you having to do anything.

How Beneficial are Google Websites?

Consistent and site traffic with upward trending generally entails a healthy profit and revenue for the website. Think about the huge percentage of traffic, which is usually over 75%, that leads to websites. Majority of it come from search engines such as Google websites. This will give you an idea how integral and important top rankings in search engines are in relation to online businesses.

What Makes Google Websites Popular?

When you closely study some of the top websites and other top ranking sites, you should take note of the things that made such sites popular. Apparently, these sites have done something right otherwise they wouldn’t be on top. They also have powerful attributes that make them solid and strong. In other words, these Google websites possess certain strengths that thousands or millions of other sites across the globe do not.

What Qualities Do Popular Google Websites Possess?

Here are the two common things that top ranking Google websites has:

-Quality site content

With the various minute details that a programmer normally takes care of, the value of a well written content can be easily overlooked. Majority of several top ranking Google sites that you will closely look have a very-well composed targeted, quality content. You will not even see typographical errors or grammatical lapses. This means that Google gives high importance to quality writing when it comes to ranking top websites.

This just goes to show that if you make extra effort in maintaining a high quality standard in every content you use on your site, you are already ahead in the game because a well written content can take you to the right direction toward achieving a high search engine ranking. Moreover, exceptionally well written content will not only build trust on your site visitors, it can also trigger word of mouth in a positive way, and on top of it all, it can be a sure way of pointing your site giving it a lot of traffic.

-Good marketing plan

Almost all top ranking Google sites have sound marketing plans which are essential in creating consistent traffic to websites. Most websites have affiliate programs too. It is said that the life or success of a business can depend on a good marketing strategy. This can also be applied to websites. Regardless of how excellent your site looks, without marketing, it will probably be lost in a sea of million websites.

In summary, spend enough time to study top ranking Google websites and find what made them tick.


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