Clarity is Important

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Fancy words are what some clients expect writers have stocked in their mental inventory, and in some cases they are the reason writers are hired. However, above anything else, you should be clear in your brochures, on your websites and any other medium you use to communicate to prospective customers or clients.

Fancy words are best kept for literary works, or can be sparingly used in some types of commercial work. Instead, strive to be clear about your services, your goals, your mission and also your pricing structure. Keep in mind; clarity does not mean “unprofessional” or “poor wording”, it means your prospective clients understand what you are trying to tell them. This sounds like an excessively simple thing, but you would be surprised how many companies confuse the heck out of you! There are two possible scenarios if you fail in the clarity department:

a) The prospective client leaves, desists, does not contact you and is never heard from… the marketing dollars you spend to reach that prospective client are then obviously wasted.

b) The prospective client does not leave, but contacts you to ask questions, only to discover you were not the right choice for whatever reason (perhaps you are trying to market a service, and the prospective client is looking for a product).

In the first case, you ‘wasted’ money, in the second case you lost time. In any event it is never a waste of time to talk to prospective clients, but only if that client is truly a prospective client and not another business’ prospective client. The question is whether they actually can give you business, are you what they are looking for?

Even if you are doing a great job of writing your own marketing material, have your own marketing staff or cannot afford a big budget campaign, it is always a good idea to at least get some editing done on the existing material. A good copy writer will not just edit, but also offer some helpful advice/minor rewriting that can really sky rocket your response.

If you are in business to make a profit, you should look at which strategies are working and which ones work for other businesses in a similar/same market. For example; if direct mail works wonders for some real estate agents in your district, but you are just spending money without seeing results then there is something wrong with either your distribution, your copy or both.

If you make time to turn a profit, then you should make time to revisit strategies that could give you a better response. What better time than right now?


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