Conservatives Should Claim The Budget Cut Economy

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If Obama caves and goes for the budget cutting proposals of conservatives the republicans should do more than claim victory.

The republicans should take all the credit for the budget cutting economy to come.  After all, businessmen will know that Obama and the democrats will no longer be stealing money in the form of taxes.  That means businessmen would be free to invest in America again.

A democrat is like an indignant thief who, after stealing half your money and calling it “taxes”, takes umbrage if you don’t spend the remaining half  exactly as the democrats want.  Democrats scream at the top of their lungs that they are just waiting for businessmen to make a profit so they can grab the cash and run like the thieves they are.  The democrats can’t understand why businessmen are reluctant to hire people and banks are unwilling to lend.  Liberals declared they would take the money as soon as the business made a profit.    Businessmen, companies and corporations are saving their money in case disaster comes along.  A disaster known has higher taxes brought to you by the democrat party.

Businessmen, if you want a predictable business climate, it turns out that the future is entirely in your hands.  Before you spend a penny hiring a new employee, go out and hold a press conference and the let the American people know that it is because the republicans have kept Obama and the democrats from raising your taxes that your felt free to hire new employees again.

Banks before you make new business loans announce to the public that it is because the republicans kept Obama and the demorats from raising taxes on you that you felt free to borrow.

Investors, before you put trillions back into the American economy let the voters know that it was republicans and republicans alone that demonstrated that the United States was ready, willing and able to pay off it bills without raising taxes or borrowing or printing money.  Also, republicans made the investment climate less hostile by keeping Obama and the democrats from raising taxes.

Declare victory republicans, conservatives and Tea Baggers.  You’ve earned it!!!

And after a victory lap get back to work at producing a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, repealing commie care or ObamaCare,  abolishing the IRS and the Department of Education and the EPA,  and finally putting domestic energy back on its feet.  Drill for oil at the white house dammit!!!!

Bolstering the Brazilian economy and loaning foreign Marxist billionaires money to bolster foreign energy concerns was a treasonous act which should never be repeated.

By the way, the Dream Act which would benefit foreign criminals and their children is bribed treason.  Declare it as such and trash it.


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