Let A Real Black Man Run For President

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Herman Cain is a black businessman who is running for president.  He does not hate the United States so we will not try to change it, destroy it or apologize for it.

Herman Cain is running as a republican but currently he is a second or third tier candidate.  The controversial Michelle Bachmann is the front-runner and the media’s choice for a republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is a close second.

In order to vault above the likes of  Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich Herman Cain is going to have to do or say something shocking.  Something like declaring that he is running to repeal the Communist  Manifesto as enacted by President Barack Hussein Obama.  Then Cain can do a step by ste,  line by line comparison between Obama’s policies and the Communist Manifesto.

For instance:

1) One of the principle planks of Obama’s democrat party and the Communist Manifesto is a heavy, progressive income tax.  In fact, Obama would rather keep social security checks out of the hands of seniors than give up more Marxist taxes.

2)  Even though the Department Of Education is the single most useless department in all of government both Obama and the Communist Manifesto require the continued existence of the Department Education so Obama would never let abolish it.

3)  Centralization of communication and transportation in the hands of the state is both a Communist Manifesto and an Obama democrat principle.    This is why the Obama administration has repeatedly tried to marginalize one of the few media outlets it does not control:  Fox News.  It is also why all democrats push for the “Fairness Doctrine.”  The Fairness Doctrine really means that the government will control all  means of communication.   As for public transit, this is why every democrat in America wants to get you out of your car and into public transit.  The  Communist Manifest which is the Bible of every democrat, especially Obama, tells them to do it.

Now some would point out that Herman Cain has already made some attention-getting, controversial statements.  However he is making the wrong statements and getting the wrong attention.  It is true that in the long run, Muslims may use our laws to take us over just as they are trying to do in Europe.  However, it is their right to do so–just as it is our right to resist.   The only proper thing I have heard coming out of Herman Cain concerning Islam is his opposition to the imposition of Sharia Law.  And he is right.  This is a non negotiable position and one every cabinet member irrespective of faith should be required to sign on to.   The constitution must be the supreme law of the land and Sharia Law cannot legally apply to any citizen of the United States.  Period.  As things stand now, Herman Cain would be required to have Muslims in his government just to prove that he is not an unreasoning, racist bigot.

By the way, any group of Americans has the right to use our laws to try take over the governance of the country through peaceful, lawful and non-violent means irrespective of what they believe as long as they do not advocate the violent overthrow of the government or the abrogation or violation of the rights and liberties of others for matters of politics, race, gender or religion.   So if Muslims want a more Islamic union they have the perfect right to say so and the try to bring it about.  But they do not have the right to try to establish Sharia Law in American since it violates the constitution, the rights of women and the rights of non-Muslims.


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