Now That Casey Anthony Is Out Of Jail

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At 12:01 AM Sunday Morning July 17, Casey Anthony was released from jail. She spent three years and one day behind bars for lying to the police about the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Most people were angry that Casey Anthony was released from jail because they believe she murdered her daughter.

Casey Anthony thanked one of the deputies on her way out of jail, the protestors protested about her release and she was taken to her lawyer’s office in Orlando. What Casey Anthony did after this is unknown. Some people believe she would be smart to leave Florida, others wonder if her family would actually allow her to move back in to their house. This will not likely happen because Casey Anthony accused her father of sexual abuse.

Casey Anthony’s lawyer will fight a civil suit from Zenaida Gonzalez. Anthony initially told investigators that a woman with the same name kidnapped Caylee. Anthony’s lawyers will likely say it is a coincidence and Casey Anthony meant nothing against this lady. Will Casey Anthony escape another trip to the court and come out smelling like roses?

Speculation has Casey Anthony getting future book and movie deals. She has been speculated to appear in Playboy or other sex magazines. Casey Anthony is also expected to be a future millionaire; she is a perfect story for the Jerry Springer show. Her future looks bright because she was found innocent of the murder of her daughter.

Many people are angry that Casey Anthony is out of jail. They believe she murdered her child and they believe she should pay. We may never know exactly what happened to Caylee Anthony, but Casey will still considered a child murderer by most of the world. She is the female equivalent of OJ Simpson. Both got away with murders that the whole world believed they committed.

We may not believe that justice was done in this case, but our court system worked. The prosecution did not prove their case without a reasonable doubt and she was acquitted. Casey is out of jail and there is nothing we can do about it. This story will remain an important piece of our history because a mother may have murdered her child and she may have gotten away with the murder. Now that Casey Anthony is out of jail, hopefully she won’t have anything to do with children for the rest of her life. Casey Anthony is out of jail, let the games begin.


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