Installing Ubuntu-The Mightiest Distro on Your System in Different Ways…..

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Linux is a free, open-source, UNIX-like operating system.A Linux distribution is the Linux kernel (- central component of an operating system.) plus a collection of applications. If you are a beginner to Linux, I would suggest starting with Ubuntu as your first Linux distribution. It is simple to install and very user friendly. To see a full list of the most popular distributions can go to .

1.Running Linux on your system usin live disk
live disk
Ubuntu-logoLive CD’s are usually used to test and play around with a Linux distribution. With a Live CD, you do not have to install the OS (operating system) onto your hard drive because it runs off the disc on boot. Because it is running off a disc, you won’t be able to permanently modify any system files. Everything you do will be stored temporarily in your RAM. Below are the steps to create a Live CD:
1.Download the Ubuntu Live CD .iso file from .
2.Download and install IsoRecorder at and burn the Ubuntu .iso file onto a blank CD with the software.Once you have downloaded and installed the IsoRecorder software locate the Ubuntu image file, right click and select Copy image to CD and burn a blank cd with this image.
3. Restart the computer with the newly made CD in the CD-ROM.

If your computer doesn’t boot from the CD and continues into Windows, you must change your computer’s boot order. You can do this by restarting your computer and going into BIOS. You get there by hitting the correct key constantly. If you see the Windows screen, it means you missed it. The key varies from system to system. Usually it is a function key such as F10. It may also be the DEL or ESC key. The key should be shown on your screen immediately after you boot up your computer. It is usually the key pointing to “Setup”.

Once you boot in Ubuntu from your disk you can try it directly without installing it to your hard disk.
2.Run ubuntu as a windows application with WUBI
wubi iconWubi is one of the easiest ways to install ubuntu. With the Wubi installer you can install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application. You can use the Live CD version to install Wubi if you followed the steps above and downloaded it. Or you can download the full 5 gigabyte version from
Wubi .
1. If you downloaded the full 5 gigabyte file, double click it to run it. If you are using the previously downloaded Live CD version, then insert your Ubuntu Live CD. A Ubuntu CD menu should come up.
2. Choose: Install inside Windows
3. In the next window, choose the appropriate options and click install.
4. Wait for it to fully install and hit finish.
5. Reboot the computer. Before Windows loads, a screen will come up that gives you an option to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. Arrow down to Ubuntu and hit .
6. Ubuntu will begin to load. Since this is your first time starting Ubuntu, it will install and configure a bunch of things, and restart again.
7. Boot into Ubuntu again and you’re good to go!
3.Run ubuntu using VIRTUAL BOX
virtual box
vitual boxThis is by far my favorite way to run any Linux distribution if I just want to try it out. With VirtualBox you can run Linux within a Windows or Mac computer.
1. First download VirtualBox at .
2. Install it.
3. Open it up and click New on the top.
4. Hit Next.
5. Name it and choose Ubuntu from the drop-down list.
6. Choose the amount of RAM you would like to dedicate to running, use at least 256 to 512 MB depending upon your system cofiguration.
7. Hit Next
8. Here we choose whether we would like to create a dynamic or fixed hard disk image.If you have a considerably large storage options then use Dynamic image otherwise you so should go with a fixed size image.
9. Choose the amount of gigabytes you would like to dedicate to running Linux.
10.Click on Finish and you are almost done.
11.Hit next.
12.Again click on finish on the window which appears.
13. You are now back at the main page. Here you will click CD/DVD-ROM.
14. Check Mount CD/DVD Drive and choose ISO Image File.
15. If you downloaded the Ubuntu image file in the beginning, locate it and select it.
16. Hit Select
17. You will come back to where you started. Hit OK.
18. You will now see the main screen again. Click on START in the top left corner.
19. You will see Ubuntu boot up in a small pop-up screen. Choose the option “Try Ubuntu”. If you see a list of countries instead of the list shown below, select yours and hit . Make sure you are working in the Virtual Environment by clicking into the Ubuntu window.

Now using the above method you can try ubuntu over windows environment.


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