How To Protect Your Wealth

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The traditional way of saving for retirement for the common working person and trying to find a genuine adviser in helping  generating a diversified portfolio of mutual funds for the future is long gone. Dead. Extinct. In ruins. Adios.
Since 2008 there has been an enormous amount of people around retirement age that have been unable to do so because all there hard earned savings were locked into the stock market, for the fortunate ones who are 10 years or more off retirement this has been an extremely valuable lesson learned. Speculative and short-term trades is the only good thing the stock market for investors today. For the last 10 years the markets have being going sideways. And there are some big questions in the worlds economy today even. Really and quite blatantly if you have any of those hard earned savings tied up in the stock market right now, you really need to checkout to see if your insane.

So whats the alternative?

Like really, where else is there on the planet where you have those hard earned savings for retirement that is secure and still earn between 5%-10%.
The answer is Infinite Banking or The Bank Of You. This strategy fits perfectly into today’s environment and was made for times like these with all uncertainty in the worlds economy today. However this investment strategy and knowledge of it is essentially unheard of to the majority of people. By setting the wheels in motion with Infinite Banking you can have the peace of mind knowing that when that day comes for you to live your life the way it should be in your twilight years you will have a guaranteed monthly income amount that you have chosen. But you not only have this peace of mind of a guaranteed income at retirement but incredibly when you do decide to retire you can pull this money out 100% tax free.
And there’s so much more. Your money is protected against creditors so there are no worries if you have money owing in any lawsuits or bankruptcy. There are no limits how much you can invest unlike a 401k or IRA’s. The money you have in the Infinite Bank can be use as collateral for a home etc. And this really has to be the icing on the cake you are able to virtually work up to be your very own bank imagine to be able to buy your home, cars, and other large purchases from yourself, so you earn the interest instead of a bank.


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