The Completely Shaven Heads

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The completely shaven heads

In recent days, three colleagues of mine appeared before me with shaven heads, completely tonsured without a single standing hair. “How come?”I asked. They just shrugged.; no particular reason.

Like different hair styles, bald head also seems to have become a style of its own. Some decades ago, I think in the Nineteen Fifties, a Holly wood film star sported a bare head. Many of you may not know his name. He was Yul Bruner. His name had been idiomised as well. People would often comment, “He is trying to be a Yul Bruner.”

But nowadays several people appear shaven headed. Cho Ramaswamy, editor of a fortnightly magazine published in Chennai, had adopted this hair style years ago, probably from the time of Yul Bruner.

“Who shaves your head?” I asked Sathish. “I do it myself,” he said proudly. Noticing my astonished look he added “If you could shave your face every day yourself, why cant I shave my head myself once in three days? “ A very logical argument indeed. Shaving your own head indeed calls for some skill.

But Praveen, the youngest in the group said, “Uncle, I go to a Saloon. The barber there takes hardly five minutes to run his machine over the head and it is done.”

Caressing the melon head with his palm Rajan said, “It feels nice you know?” “Nice?” I screamed back. “Listen, the summer temperature in the Southern part of India is now around forty degrees celsius. Could your scalp put up with it?”. “No. I always wear a hat or a cap or something to cover my head when I am out door.”

I was aware that normally men begin to bald around 40. Have my three musketeers pre-empted nature and made the whole process look as if it was their choice? Possibly.
Do the female genders also go bald? Rarely, I should think. Hair is the chief asset for a woman. They nurse it like a baby right from teen age days. Every woman is proud of her hair and she goes in for such a hairstyle which would be appreciated not only by the Men around her but also by her own clan.

According to my information, while 75% of men go bald anytime after 40, women don’t. A very small percentage may and that too after 60. Such women would cover their head with a scarf and probably say that it was her doctor’s orders to protect the head from bright light. Men, innocent as they are, would titter at her fate and sympathise with her. But women would not buy that argument. They know the real reason.

So, next time you see a woman with a colourful scarf, compliment her at the selection of the scarf and never ask why she is wearing it. You will make her tell lies then!!


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