Air Traveling Style

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How to improve “Air Traveling Style” by “Fooding Style”

  1. During the air traveling you get a wet towel. Say thankyou to airhostes for the towel and put this towel into her tray after cleaning your face and hands.

  2. When hostes ask what you eat veg or non-veg. Decieded about your food what you want veg or non-veg before her ask. Don’t gave order again and again.

  3. First use the napkin and then open every packet with the help of fork and spoon and arrange it in the tray.

  4. If you want to eat the bun then takeout it from the polothyne cut it into the middle by knife. Use the butter and fold the empty packet and put it in corner.

  5. During the eating don’t make noice.

  6. Eat with attention and use fork and spoons. And do not eat the smelling food during the trvel because of it a bad smell comes out from your mouth.

  7. Do not sepred the soopns and plates and eat carefully not be fell down the food.

  8. Use knife, fork and spoon for eating the food. Do not eat in the bending manner and do not eat fastly. Eat slowly.

  9. After eat the food everything put in the tray like napkin, spoon, fork.

  10. Put the water bottel into net nearst to your seat. And do not called airhostes again and again beacuse due to this other peoples are disturbed.

  11. Put the tissue paper in tray after cleaning your hands.

  12. Gave the tray to the hostes with a smile when her take it and say thankyou to her for their hospitality.

  13. Eat mouth freshner after eat the food. beacuse after eating it good smell come out from your mouth.

  14. If you are not eating the non-veg and someone eating non-veg to your nebhiour seat then don’t be make the faces.

  15. Gave a good look when any persion saw you.

  16. Do not disturbed any other passanger during food eat.

  17. Behaves like a good man to everyone inside the plane.

  18. Do not stand from your seat again and again for hand and face washing. Because it disturbed the other persions who travel in the plane.

  19. close your seat belt during the insterection in plane.


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