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HE Wall Street Journal, August 2010 stated that English ability was occupied by the highest in Asia Singapore. With more than 220 million inhabitants, this means opportunities for English language education in Indonesia is still very wide because of the need for mastery of English is still high.

One of the English language educational institutions in Indonesia are ELTI-Scholastic. After standing for more than 20 years, in 2011 it ELTI-Scholastic allow franchises (franchise) for companies wishing to establish businesses in the areas of English language education. Why franchise and why should ELTI-Scholastic?

Studies from the U.S. Small Business Administration from 1978 to 1998 found that 62 percent developed business without a franchise system is bankrupt. That is, the risk of building a business from scratch is quite heavy. So the franchise can be a solution for the investment.

ELTI-Scholastic is the English language educational institution that has stood for over 20 years. Facilities offered ELTI-Scholastic include recruitment and training of academic staff, which consists of one person learning center manager and four teachers. Recruitment and training for nonakademik, consisting of one officer, front office, one general affairs officer, one finance and administration. ELTI-Scholastic also provides teaching materials for the inaugural opening of classes, with the standard of teaching aids and learning center nameplate in front of the building.

The advantage of being partners ELTI-Scholastic is an adequate return on investment (3 yearly) with a contract period of up to 10 years, with the support of big companies Kompas Gramedia. Have the exclusive partnership with the recruitment and training of human resources in a structured, well-based operational support and management of high-quality standard operating procedures, as well as support joint promotions.

To become a partner ELTI-Scholastic, businesses must meet the requirements, among others, has a strong business vision and care against each of education, has a shop building (house) is sufficient for a minimum of six classrooms (an area of ​​+ /-350m2 or shop at least three floors), has a strategic location and ample parking enough, allowed came from organizations or individuals, especially those who have an interest in quality education, as well as able to run all standard operating procedures and company policies to progress together, setting up a franchise fee of Rp 240 million for a contract period of 10 years, and pay a royalty fee of 10 percent after seven months of operation.

With a total capital of USD 600 million, ELTI-Scholastic estimates of profits in the first year that can be achieved is by 12 percent, in the second year by 9 percent, and the third year by 17 percent. For more information, please contact ELTI-Scholastic in Wijaya Grand Center Blok F 83-84 A & B Jalan Wijaya II, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.

With a wider partnership, in addition to bringing the benefits to the employers, the presence of Franchise ELTI-Scholastic in various regions are expected to increase kemmampuan English Indonesian people so that they can compete at the international


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