Ndtv- Imagine Created a Milsestone-Chandragupta Mourya

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                       I have been always interested in history.And so whenever I see some historical serial I enjoy it seeing more tahn any other programs.I have been seeing many historical serials on TV and it is the newest serial and may be only one of its kind in this time.So the serial is very good with best sets,fine actors and I also personaly wnmated appericiate the background music which is very encouraging.I will love to hear that music which is used mainly when Guru of Chnadragupta Chanakya or Chndragupta comes on screen.

                         The serial is now in its first part and yet Chadragupta not succeded as King and he is trying to steal the treasure of Magadh state.We get lot of information gthrough this serial ausch as what kind of life people had earlier,how were the kings of different states in India and many other things.We can learn the most famous Chanakyaniti.The Chanakyaniti is the that part of Indian history and politics which helped to defeat the Sikander, who was about to start war with India.

                            The story starts as some people at Takshshila knows thta Sikander is going to come to India to rule.The gurus at Takshshila saw the our independence in danger because they know that India at that time was devided in many independent states ruled by their own kings and the king were also not united.The Magadha was the richest and biggest state among all of them.So they decided to unite all the Indians under the leadership of Magadha state but Dhananand, who was king of Magadha at that time was not aware of these things and he was very cruel and ‘Vilasi’ king.So he was spending time in dance and music.Arya Chanakya tries to tell him the importance of united India and his role but he didn’t understand it.So he calls his slaves and tell them to throw him away.Chanakya gets very angry due this behaviour of Dhanananda and he takes his famous oath that he will not tie his ‘shikha’ until he throw the Dhanananda out of his palace and place new king to Magadha.

                                Now the main stroy of Chndragupta starts which is very interestind to see from start.But now also you can see the main part.As serial is now in its initial stage and you can get alot of knoweldge and information.The serial is aired two times a week friday and saturday at the time 9pm to 10pm only on NDTV imagine.


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