Increase Your Sperm Count

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Numerous methods are described in Ayurveda to improve sperm depend, sperm motility and therefore increase male fertility of males. The leads to for low sperm fertility and natural methods to increase sperm fertility are described below.

Sperm fertility reduces once the temperature associated with testicles raises. Temperature associated with testicles increases by utilizing tight trousers, undergarments, warm water showers, sweat etc. Avoiding these types of causes improve sperm depend. Washing testicles along with cold drinking water after bath improve sperm depend and semen motility.

Pounds increase leads to hormonal discrepancy and decreases testosterone degree in males. Weight reduction helps you to reverse this problem. Increased androgenic hormone or testosterone increases sperm fertility. In overweight people body fat layers associated with abdomen overlap testicles once they sit. Due to this the heat of testicles boosts. Hence seated for extended hours can reduce sperm fertility in overweight people. Over weighted individuals who sit down for extended hours, are advised to consider a break between and stroll around with regard to 10 – quarter-hour. This helps you to increase sperm fertility and decrease weight.

The male fertility in ladies decrease as how old they are progress. Same manner the semen quality as well as motility within men decrease as how old they are progress. The aging process within men could be slowed down by utilizing ayurvedic vajikarana treatment. Vajikarana treatment rejuvenates the actual male reproductive system system and decelerates the aging process. Additionally, it increases high quality and volume of sperms therefore increasing sperm fertility and semen motility

  • Alcoholic beverages, marijuana, tobacco reduce sperm fertility and semen motility through 50%. Steering clear of these addictions improve sperm depend and semen motility.

  • Mental factors such as stress, be concerned, strain may reduce sperm fertility. Put an end to these types of factors through adopting yoga exercise and meditation inside your daily regimen. Yoga as well as meditation tend to be best tension busters. Lessening these types of psychological factors assistance to boost sperm fertility.

  • Regularly massage the body with natural oil. Rubbing herbal essential oil increases sex drive, blood blood circulation and increases health. Massaging entire body with natural oil is called Abhyanga. Abhyanga retards aging process, increases health, raises libido, enhances blood flow and fortifies the muscle tissue.

  • Avoid using bicycles since it causes stress to testicles.

  • Consume great nourishing diet full of fresh veggies, fruits as well as dry fruit. Avoid hot and sour foods. Keep the body nicely hydrated through drinking 12-15 portions of water every day.

  • Frequent climax of semen may cause low sperm fertility. Hence prevent very regular sex as well as masturbation. Giving the gap associated with 3-4 times between two consecutive ejaculations improve sperm depend.

  • The contaminant ama, that is formed because of indigestion might block the actual channels (srotas) that carry sperm (shukra) as well as reduce sperm fertility. Hence avoid foods that cause constipation as well as indigestion to maintain the sperm fertility in regular range.


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