Motivate Customer to Buy

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To increase the number of sales that you make each day, let’s look at the idea of motivating your prospective customers. What are some of the things that would motivate you? More than likely those same things will motivate your customers as well. I have given this some time and I have written my thoughts here.

1) Everyone would like to find more fulfillment in their life. To accomplish this they would like to have more pleasure by satisfying their appetite more and even acquiring more of their sexual desires, just to mention a few things to feel more fulfilled.

2) People would like to feel more attractive. Meaning they would like to look better, maybe by losing some weight, or putting more tone into their bodies, or make some improvements to their facial features, to suggest a few ways to accomplish this.

3) Comfort is becoming a very big issue with some people. Whether they need to find ways to relieve their aches and pains, or just simply sleep in a more comfortable bed at night for a more restful sleep.

4) Another way for some people to feel more relaxed in today’s fast paced lifestyles would to simply save some time. By accomplishing this they could be working less hours and enjoying more of life’s pleasures with their loved ones.

5) We all want to be healthier so as to live longer. We can do this by getting into better shape, improving our diet with better health in mind, and improve energy levels to become more active in the things that make us happy.

6) Right from a very young age we are groomed to become more popular. Whether we aspire to become a famous celebrity, an athlete, or just more popular at school or work. This makes us feel validated, praised and admired.

7) Continuing on the lines popularity we need to be wanted. Meaning we want to be loved, so we start dating, or spending more time with family because we simply do not want to be lonely anymore.

8) We are always in search of more knowledge in order to become more intelligent. Learning something new is a never ending quest in most people’s minds and life. The need to make changes in our life to realize growth and the ability to know how to do more things, makes us wanted by others and respected more. Those that aspire to gain more knowledge on a regular basis never will have an idle mind.

9) The security issue is also quickly becoming ever so more prevalent in all our lives with the economy going in the direction it has for the past few years. This has created an even larger need to save more of our money, invest more of our money, and think more about our future needs now. You may even see that in the near future you will need to make a large purchase of some kind which will also dictate that you save more money now.

10) I know of no one that would not like to earn more money for their time and effort. There is always a need for us to have more money even if it is just to keep up with the rising cost of living. To gain this increase in income people may have the desire to start their own business, seek a higher paying job, or maybe invest their money to attempt to stimulate this growth. With more income or wealth we will naturally feel more successful. No one I know wants to feel like a failure.

If you keep the afore mentioned wants and needs of today’s common person in mind when you select the type of product or service you wish to promote you may find success easier and quicker. Also remember that these are what I like to refer to as the emotional buttons to motivation and if used properly in your sales letter, or ad copy you should draw a more eager to buy prospect. As with any new way of advertising remember to test and to track you progress to be sure that you are targeting the correct market, and experiencing enough success to make the ad worth putting out there. Therefore when you construct your next sales letter or ad copy keep these thoughts in mind and write that massively successful campaign. Best of luck in your efforts.


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