Garden of Kids

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Kindergarten is not only a place where children come together teacher comes and start rhymes,teach them how to write a,b,c. In my view kindergarten a place where different types of flowers grow. it is a very sensitive place because as every flower needs different care same as every child wants different attention. In my teaching career i have seen lots of kids when they came to my class they were feeling about the school like a nightmare but after joining the school they behave like smiling flowers. they don’t want to go their home, they want to stay with me. At that time I feel top of the world. They share with me their small secrets, they luv to hug me in their small arms and kiss me.At that time i feel very emotional because i am also a mother of two kids and my little one is also in kindergarten section. When my students touch me i feel that my own children with me. 

When i am in kindergarten my teacher teaches me only how to speak properly,how to write but i never share anything to her because she maintained a distance to all student. And i remember at my kindergarten time there were not to much teaching aids to make kindergarten interesting we felt burden to it we had only notebooks to write and two books of rhymes. Teacher were not properly trained for kindergarten they didn’t understand what the child wants.When i grew up at that time i have decided that i will be a teacher in my future and i never feel my students like a burden but i will make myself a friend of them and i proved it, those who were students of mine in K.G. now they are in big classes they remember me they didn’t forget me and this is my biggest reward. My teaching journey is continue. I am teaching my students with play way method i make lots of work sheets myself for them. They enjoy to do them and easily catch all the thing of any subject. They try to make small cards for me daily as their imagination. I love my students a lot. And this is my message to all kindergarten teachers that please love their students, understand their problems go closer to them they will catch you in their small hearts. My all best wishes to all teachers.


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