Earning More Through Your Profitable Ideas

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All businesses, whether big or small, are built on a great foundation. Ideas, especially profitable ideas are just one way a company grabs a share in the busy marketplace and creates a reputation unmatched by its competitors. Below are just some examples of profitable ideas that represent almost all successful companies of the world. Let’s take a look at how they go about “making it” in todays business environment.

o Connect With People. Your face represents your business and the first impression people get of you is what they will relay to other potential customers. Connecting with people is the same as talking to them, working with them and sympathizing with them. Non-verbal actions such as smiling will ease the customers minds and convey an understanding their everyday needs, making you seem more sensitive and thus more trusting.

Be a inquisitive and engaging listener and people will respond in kind.

o Sharing and Sparking New Ideas. As discussed above, communication is the key to connecting with people. Its important to spark ideas within yourself or within your group. Run regular brainstorming sessions where people are allowed to voice opinions without recourse and be open to anything and everything. You never know what may pan out to be a real winner for you in the long run.

Have employees join seminars, allow joining message boards and encouraging comments and suggestions to involve them in projects.

o Recognizing Individual Accomplishments and Contributions. It may be sound so basic but it is true that everyone loves to be recognized. Whether big or small, everyone craves appreciation. Make employees feel that their ideas matter and their contributions help the company in a big way and they will always be there when you need them.

o Getting Feedback. Feedback serves as a checklist on how the company performs at large. It paves the way for optimization of products and tools and maintains active customer support and involvement. In the end your customer must be happy so listen and learn from EVERY comment a customer make even if you do not agree with it initially.

o Network! This could be more important that all the other things listed above and I will tell you why. You never know when you will need someone or when they will need you so its important to not only make contacts but to also make friends. Always be presentable, friendly and engaging because a joint venture contact could be met at a gym, supermarket or a business meeting.

Successful people are all around you so the more chances you have to expose yourself to them the better. Go to seminars, meetings, lunches, forums, or anywhere you think you can mingle and get your name out there. Help others when you can without asking for anything in return and it will pay in dividends later in life. Successful business owners know that they cannot build wealth alone and that they are only going to be as strong and as smart as the people they surround themselves with.


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