Building More Clients And Referral Communities For Your Business

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Most of the organizations spend colossal amount on getting business. Specialist marketers, professional spokesperson, excessive campaigning are just few of the ingredients deployed to earn those difficult clients. However what is ignored in the present stiff times of competition is the effort required to sustain them over a period of time.

Marketing departments more than tend to underrate the importance of holding on to the existing client base. What is not understood here is the fact that service providers are many, products are endless – it is the quality of product and the manner of providing the same that makes the difference.

Perhaps this is a reason behind the presence of intermediaries in any deal. The actual producers at times are too naïve to market and the professional who grasp the inside focus of attracting and retaining makes the buck in the deal. Just consider a scenario where you’ve paid double the price for the same food in a 5 star property as against a small restaurant nearby. The key difference is again inherent in the serving style and the courtesies extended by the staff. They lure you into sweet talks and ensure that you want to be back and relive the wonderful experience.

This is the magic of client building! There is no point producing if you can not sell. The tagline for successful marketing is to build clients. Remember there is no 100 % solution yet there are some tips that could help:

Few Tips at a Glance:

o Listen and do the spadework i.e. understand your client’s requirements before pitching.

o Stay in touch i.e. makes sure that you do not lose your base. Send regular reminders, advertisement pamphlets, cards or mementos on special occasions to enable a top of the mind recall.

o Establish a relationship by imparting a customized product to the extent possible.

o Do not ignore older clients as new ones are added. Remember competitors are sitting to pounce as and when a situation permits.

o Satisfy a need or as goes sell moments and not a camera.

o Organize get together for your selected special clients and let them know that you care.

o Start special membership packages or discount schemes for older client base.

Building Clients and Generating Referrals:
You would be amazed to see the results of one loyal relationship towards your brand. One happy customer can do far more good for you than many new customers together can. It is better to heed the one in hand rather than two in bush. The kind of publicity as rendered by a happy customer can yield more foot fall than any other form of marketing. The entire concept of referral building and generating business through contacts is based upon the word of mouth, which if positive would certainly convert into fast returns.

Getting a new client is a difficult task but even more tedious is the exercise required to sustain them which if done promises the desired growth. So while you invest so much in marketing, focus on the already existing clients and earn through positive referral communities.


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