Care of Cats

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Cats are like 2 years old kid. They need same love, affection and our time. They always try to stay in the same room or furniture on which we are sitting with our family.  They love total attention and have same jealousy feeling like a kid. Have you seen a kid getting jealous if we give attention to some one else. The same thing happens with cat. They cannot bear any other person (dog, cat, human) near their master.

We need lots of patience with cats. If we try to tame them by enforcing them to follow us, they have negative effects. They are obligate carnivores so need meat based low carbohydrate diet . They are very affectionate creatures but take time to make themselves feel at home.

Cats have very sensitive skin and so before applying anything or giving them and medication always consult a doctor.

Cats like to play with toys a lot. We can give them self made toys and watch them playing with them for hours. Self made toys include toy made from socks, a thick string attached to a stick, a paper ball and any others. Easiest is the paper ball. For this we need a small piece of paper. We can roll it into a ball by our hand. They simply love it.

They like to sit near us if we are doing something and their behavior is like asking us ” Do you want my help?” or “Should I help?”. I love cats and I like people who love them too. 

I would like to share my personal experience with my cat.

My cat had kittens. They were three. I could see a mother in her. I used to give her a packet of cat food so that she could feed herself but she used to call all her kittens after taking out a different kind of sound and after feeding them only she used to eat it.  I never expected this from a cat. This brought tears in my eyes as this was like a human behavior.

Give them love and care and they will love you too.


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