Lost of Childhood

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Childhood as it is known its a beautiful garden enriched with lota of flower in a very big palace of our life.But the problem in that very big palace of life is that spring comes here only once which is memorable to our whole life.our small and innocent face like flowers blooms with lots of happiness and shine.but who knows who just come suddenly and pluck these freely flowers from our life and fill this garden with lots of burden,responsibility,understanding which just converts the delightful garden into a desert,a condition arises where our life just wanders for a small drops of water but unable to get that .So why we abolished that spring from our life.Was that necessary or was a reallity of life which has to  be happened .Just remember the childhood days our mother makes us learn alphabets a,b,c,d……….and that time we learn it very soon and with  a  great joy  but now its difficult to read a single page of a book with that joy .Why??What makes the difference ??At the childhood stage had we any tension of securing good marks in examination .at that time we don’t have that much sense what’s the use of this good marks.only we kept on reading and exploring without any burden.Our childhood started to its end when we are just surrounded by the competitive world from all the four corners.The tear in our eyes at the childhood stage is only for the love for our mother .but at this stage its only for our success.Why we are just running behind the success???why don’t we make success to run behind us?

So my beloving readers don’t run behind the success.There are many things in this world which wants you to run behind.Your spring will be with you throughout your whole life….


as it is said that childhood is a promise that is never  kept.as the spring season comes only once in a year like that only childhood inbuilt nature,that enjoyment touches us only once in our life.once it is lost   one can bring it back ..as the person grow up they start understanding theis world or we can say they start accepting  the realities of this world.

In childhood stage  we are always lost in our dreams,and the dream which has no boundation ,no limit.it only hepnotises in its shadow.That thing of beauty seems a lot joy for us.


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