Decisions of Life: Right or Wrong

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Some things in life are just so straight and clear and so are easy to make decisions about. But what college should you go in? Should you Marry or not? And if so, who?

                                       These are few of the many questions that al of us face during our lives. So much of life is ambiguous. Sometimes both decisions would have been right or wrong… to some extent. When people do make life decisions, they don’t necessarily ever know they’ve made the right decision. When decision making gets tough – trust your gut instincts. Researches show that in some instances snap decisions are better than endless pedantic pondering and logical weighing up. Sometimes the most sensible seeming decision just isn’t the best one..

                                       You must have experienced that most of your life’s major decisions that you took were not taken with nights and days of thinking. These decisions were just taken. So to make good decisions you need to learn to trust your instincts. Sometimes you must have noticed…..that people might not agree with your decisions……and that’s where your instinct comes to work. Have trust on your instinct and make a decision wich is just not influnced by anyone. Because even you take a wrong decision you won’t hav anybody to blame but yourself. Don’t always insist on ‘logical’ reasons for everything, Learn to say: ‘Because it feels right.’ But don’t be tempted to automatically go with greed driven decisions because of strong emotion and then try to flatter yourself with after-the-event justification and rationalizations. Intuitive decision making works best when the distorting effects of emotion are kept to a minimum.When you do base decision making on weighing up the pros and cons, use your imagination. Really sit down and envisage living with the decision. Don’t beat yourself up if you do make a ‘wrong’ decision. You can learn from it 

                                        So if you took a decision and you doubt whether its right or wrong……just remember that even if its not right you will definitely learn something from it. Maybe those decisions have made your life more difficult now, but you’re moving on. Each and everything that we do teaches us the way of living, even the decisions that we make………….


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