How to Pack Your Child's Healthy Lunch

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As easy as it might seem to grab a few things and toss them into a brown paper bag, it’s not! Those of you that have a battle with yourself in the morning trying to figure out a good, healthy lunch snack for your child know what I mean! Let’s face it! If it’s green, they won’t eat it. If any of the packages mention Vitamins, they get skeptical. Anything that is boring or embarrassing looking is definitely out of the question!

So, here are a few ways to pack a good tasting and healthy lunch for your child!

First, it is always important to get your child’s insight in what they want to eat for lunch. Even though they might not come up with the healthiest choices, they are the ones who have to eat the lunch!

Next, we need to keep in mind that a lot of food or oversize portions are overwhelming. This only means that the lunch will be tossed out or some amount of it will be brought right back home! Another reason why smaller portions are better for a child’s lunch is that we must keep in mind that lunch time is also play time for them. It is when they socialize with classmates and might not be eating as quickly as they do at home.

Try to make the lunch interesting by including snacks that are different in taste. This means something salty, sweet and sour. Crispy and chewy items are also good options to add to a lunchbox’s variety.  Also, pack a different meal each day. Try mix and matching when you feel as if you are running out of lunch ideas!

Some other lunchbox useful tips are to pack lunches in either reusable plastic containers or disposable sandwich bags. Make sure to wash fruits and vegetables before packing them. No matter how much you remind your kids, they can easily forget to wash the fruits before eating them at lunch time! Check if any portion of the lunch requires utensils so you can include them in the lunchbox. Extra napkins are also a must!


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