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If you have ever filled in a survey form that has arrived through your letter box you will know that they consist of a form with questions concerning various household products.

They ask you to tick the boxes of the products you are most likely to use. This gives companies an insight into what products are the most popular in the market place.

The internet has provided companies with a cheaper option for sending these surveys and they are willing to pay for your information.

For some reason many people are wary of joining these programs although they do provide an excellent opportunity for busy moms and even the housebound as many online surveys take no more than fifteen minutes to complete.

You have the option of completing one or as many surveys as you wish on any day of the week. These programs are an excellent opportunity to supplement your income; they are not get rich programs and should not be confused as such but I do know of someone who makes his living with them.

He works a lot of hours and from the onset joined 300 plus online survey companies, he now receives a continuous flow of surveys which allows him to pick and choose the best ones.

That is the recipe to make a success of the survey business; join as many companies as you can even if it takes you a few days to do so, once the surveys start coming into your inbox you will receive a continuous flow and the choice will be yours.

This recipe works even if part time work is your object. It is very unusual for survey companies to spam as if one failed to pay you or their team of workers they would lose your services and the company would be on the way out; if this was to happen your loss would be the time spent as each company pays out individually.

Many of the companies also participate in telephone surveys these are higher paid but may take up more time.

Each survey you join will have different forms of payment, some will pay cash and others will give prizes, and some give points that you can spend in the online shops, places like Amazon, it is up to decide which ones you want to do, one or all.Most cash survey sites pay monthly, with some you may have to reach the minimum payment of £ 25.00, or $25.00 depending on where you live. If you like the idea of surveys for points, not only can you spend them online you can also use them to pay for days out or certain holidays.

Here is a list of questions that will provide some answers for you.

Questions and Answers.

(1) Can anyone do online surveys? Yes as long as the person is responsible and gives their honest opinion, there is no age bar as far as I know.

(2) Do I need a website? No you do not need a website just a mail provider like Internet Express etc.

(3) Do I have to pay to join online survey sites? You may have to pay a one off payment to the website that provides you with the list of survey sites, after that they are completely free to join.

(4) How long will it take before I receive surveys to start work? You should receive surveys with a few days of joining.

(5) What if I go on holiday or have not got the time when the children are home! This is no problem, you just do them when you do have time, you can spend one or two days a week completing them, or just a couple of hours each day, it is up to you.

(6) Will I really get paid ? Yes you will definitely get paid, the site you join to receive the list from checks out each company before adding them to their list.

Online surveys is a serious business that requires no skills just the need to be able to type and have the patience to answer questions, most online survey sites will ask you questions at the onset to determine your age group and to find out what type of surveys you prefer.

This line of questioning is required as if you are great grandma and you receive a survey asking questions about your infants requirements you may not be amused. Most survey sites will have customer services so if you have a difficulty for any reason they will respond.


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