How to Cook Blackfish A L’americane – 8 Simple Steps

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Being Special is about the difference in your thinking, what you wear and most especially what you eat. Human naturally are of the notion that going on a nice outing will avail them the opportunity to achieve a special time and enjoy themselves because of the carefully made special delicacies that will be available at different relaxation centre around the town.

Now, have you ever wonder how those super tasty dish served on outings are prepared? Yes! It is a known fact that you love the aroma, you pay so much to eat them, buy it in packs for loved ones, but you don´t have the slightest clue on how it was cooked.

If you really care to add more to your cooking specialty, Read on……….

Give it thought………..

    * For how long do you want to be eating junks and repeating the same recipe just because you don´t have the least understanding of other ones?.
    * When do you plan to change the way you cook and taste of what you eat at home?.
    * How do you plan to give your loved ones, family, boy and girl friends, spouse an exotic delicious meal that will keep them asking for more?
    * How do you plan to keep your man at home all the time and make dying to see you?
    * Guys, when do you plan to prepare a special dish for that unique girl of yours that you care so much about?

Oh! I got you confused, anyway, take this fish recipe below and make it your secret…


1. Draw two large blackfish, trim, and clean thoroughly.

2. Put into a baking-dish with two chopped onions fried in butter.

3. Add two cupfuls of cold water and half a cupful of Port wine.

4. Season with salt and pepper, a pinch of powdered cloves,mace, allspice, and thyme, two bay-leaves, a small bunch of parsley, and two


5. Cover tightly and cook for an hour.

6. Lift out the fish and strain the liquid. Thicken it with a tablespoonful of butter, blended with an equal quantity of flour.

7. Bring to the boil; add two tablespoonfuls of butter, and minced parsley and lemon-juice to season.

8. Pour over the fish and serve.

As you can see, you don´t need to be an angel to do this, lol!, I am counting on you and I know you will not let me down, Go and do it; and give your loved ones a nice time with yourself. Get it done and thank me later.


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