Popular Wedding Hair Styles in 2011

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It’s that time again…wedding season is upon us! They say that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, as it is the one true day where every event of the day is geared towards making your wedding day more beautiful and meaningful. It also happens to be the one day where everyone important to you will be admiring YOUR beauty, from your shoes, to your dress, to your jewelry, and even your wedding hairstyle. Just like other aspects of your outfit, you should also scrutinize the many types of popular wedding hairstyles before making a decision on which hair style you will choose for the big day.

Bridesmaids should also pay particular attention to their look on a good friend’s wedding day, as the bride surely wants to be surrounded by attractive women to make their day even more memorable. More importantly, wedding photos are meant to last a lifetime, so the last thing you want is to cringe every time your friends flip open a wedding album.

The good news is that the popular wedding hairstyles of 2011 are both tasteful and chic at the same time, lending to it an air of romanticism without any fear of looking outdated a few years down the road.

Style One: The Wave

The most famous person to don the full wavy hairstyle this year would have to be Kate Middleton. This elegant wavy “down-do” requires the bride to-be to have soft, romantic curls and looks particularly pretty if you have a very long veil.

The luxe wave is an alternative to the full wave hairstyle, and it is suitable to be worn ‘side-swept.’ This type of wave style looks particularly tasteful when worn with a strapless wedding gown, as it helps to minimize the amount of cleavage shown. The problem with both of these wavy hair styles is that it would require you to already have long, thick hair prior to your wedding day.

Style Two: Half Up, Half Down

If your hair is at that annoying level of being halfway between being decently long, but not quite reaching that length yet, a ‘half up half down’ hairstyle could be a more suitable option among all of the wedding hairstyles.

The ‘half up half down’ hairstyle is also a great option if you happen to have bridesmaids with different hair lengths, as it adds an air of uniformity to the bridesmaid’s hairstyle without making them unattractive.

To create the look, tease small sections of your head to get volume before twisting half of your hair back and securing it with bobby pins, such that a gentle pouf is created. This hair style is particularly easy on girls with thick curly hair. For the bridesmaid’s hairstyle, you might want to complete the look with small fresh flowers tucked in their hair.

Style Three: Buns with a Twist

If you don’t want to end up looking like the boring model in a bride’s gown catalog, wear your vintage birdcage with either a low bun or a Gibson roll to give the look a modern interpretation. When it comes to the popular wedding hairstyles featuring the vintage birdcage look, brides should have their hair straightened up and shouldn’t have too much hair, as a large bun will only take away from the sleekness of the birdcage.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the most popular wedding hairstyles of 2011.


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