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If you are not a writer you can still profit from article marketing. The theory still holds true content is king and the way you use content can make you big money.

There are thousands of people publishing articles everyday. They are dying for a place to put those articles. Why not give them a location to post their articles. You will have a site that is consistently updated, a consistent flow of visitors stopping by and an enormous web site full of keywords that are search engine friendly.

Number 1 you will need a webhosting account. There are thousands of places that offer web hosting. Some as low as $2.99 per account all the way up to your own hosted server costing a thousand per month. For starters you will need a web hosting account that allows you to run php scripts. Php is widely used programming language that is easy to work with and accepted on most hosting environments.

In addition to a hosting account allowing php you will probably need a mysql account option with your hosting service. Mysql is a database software that is very common. Shared hosting services may allow you one account with limited storage space. Article directories can get large in terms of data stored on your hosting account so error on the side of too big instead of too small when it comes to hosting space.

Now that you have a server in place you will need a domain. Your hosting company can help with getting a domain and setting it up on your server. If you are more experienced you can purchase your domain from companies like Godaddy.com.

If you know your way around php you should have no problem installing and setting up a pre purchased php script to run your article directory. If you are a novice that is no problem either, the php script authors sometimes offer free installation or installation for a small fee. If you need a php programmer you can post the job on one of the freelance sites like scriptlance. There are tons of very qualified programmers on these sites that will bid for your business.

To profit from your article directory you could choose to place Adsense Ads on your sites. Adsense is a monetizing program operated by Google. You can go to Google select advertising to set up your account. Google will provide you with a small script that you cut and paste into your html design. Google will automatically serve up targeted ads based on the content of the page.

The technical side should be out of the way. Your article directory should be operational allowing you to enter articles and publish them to your site fairly easily. Once your site is open for business it is time to invite authors to publish there articles at your site.

One very easy method is to contact article submission services like Article Marketer to include your article directory in their automated submissions. You can also contact article submission software owners to include your web site in their postings. When your article directory is included in automated submission services or software program you site will automatically receive articles submitted by the members using these services. You could get hundreds of articles on to your site in just a few days.

In addition to automated submission services you will want to use standard traffic driving techniques to grab as much traffic as you can for your site. You might try searching article directory lists and post your site anywhere you find them. You could also start an email list targeting article publishers. Create a blog picking out a special article or tip on article marketing. These are just a few ideas to get your article directory up and running filled with excellent content and ready to make you money.


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