In The Case of a Biting Dog, be Watchful From The Very First

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Dog biting is a more serious offence than barking

In the case of a biting dog, be watchful from the very first

The dog will be startled and will no longer think that he is alone and supreme to do anything he likes. He will have his confidence battered or lessened so that he will think twice to bark again and definitely will not continue barking. 

If however, you cannot manage to throw anything in you flat yourself from outside. You will have to take the help of some neighbor or friend to do the throwing from a neighboring or adjacent flat verandah or terrace.  

Dog biting is a more serious offence than barking, both these offences are to be stopped at the outset or these will grow out-of-proportion. The longer you neglect these offences the longer these will take to be eliminated.

Sometimes the dog starts biting when very young and develops the habit as he grows older. So naturally at one stage or the other the biting has to be checked and stopped. It is better to check this habit when the dog’s is very young. But it so happens that the owner becomes unaware of the dog coming of age. Very few owners know how to adjust as the dog becomes older. The owner should be alert and at the first bite should act strongly and decisively. The dog should be reprimanded and should be punished or chidingly beaten preferably with a strap.

There is the rule, ignorance of law is no excuse, and similarly, if you keep a dog, you have to be well acquainted with the things required of you. Biting is a bad habit that you have to tackle at the very initial stage.

In the case of a biting dog, be watchful from the very first. Also, remember, you are to keep the pet with you. You have to train him. You are not to loose your temper, not to go berserk, not to take revenge. If you can prove to be a good and just master, the dog will med his ways and will behave reasonably well. 


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