The Tourism Marketing Planning Task

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Much effort relates to the design and development of an effective marketing mix

Tourism and Marketing Plan

Marketing affects all the operations tourism. The investment in modern tourism is particularly very heavy and the establishment of an adequate infrastructure requires long time. To develop the tourist potential of a country, there is a need of well planned tourist marketing policy.

According to Krishnapur, ` `marketing and tourism is to be understood as a systematic coordinated execution of business policy by tourist undertakings-whether private or state owned, at local, regional, national or international level o achieve the optimum satisfaction of the needs of identifiable consumer groups and in doing so to achieve an appropriate return.’  

This definition stress that marketing and tourism an appropriate return

This definition stress that marketing and tourism involved coordination of police of several organizations at several levels and it also lays stress on this point that marketing in tourism is concerned with the needs of identifiable consumer groups.

Tourism and Marketing Plan

This would involve the following:-

  1. Development of marketing research system in order to determine what consumers want.

  2. Investigation of how the market is made up and the best way to break it down into groups or subsets which are most attractive to the organization through a process of market segmentation.

  3. Design and development of suitable tourism products and service offering to appeal to the chosen segment. Product planning to enable the organization to meet its chose goals, determined through a presences of objective setting.

  4. Communication to the consumers and potential consumers to inform them of the services which are available and, if appropriate, to remind or persuade them by means of advertising and promotion.

  5. Ensuring that the service offering s available and accessible to consumers via an effective distribution program so that they can buy the service at a value (pricing).

  6. Monitoring ad evaluation of the above program implementation, to measure its effectiveness against profitability targets, and assess success in achieving organizational goals.       

The above represent a brief outline of the tourism marketing planning task.

Much effort relates to the design and development of an effective marketing mix.


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