The Latest Mumbai Blasts

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The recent bomb blasts in Mumbai have reinforced my belief that India is a soft state. I remember Winston Churchill calling the Italy the soft underbelly of the Axis powers and methinks India is the soft underbelly of the fight against terror.
The reasons are not far to seek as the basic ingredient of a will to fight terror is sadly missing in the Congress party, which is ruling India at present.

This will is reinforced by a desire to build up vote banks and play the policy of appeasement towards the minorities. The result is that homegrown Muslim Jihadists have proliferated in India. Worse there is no anti-terrorist law or court to try and punish these offenders. There were two anti terror laws POTA and TADA, but have been allowed to lapse. The earlier TADA often referred to as Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act was passed when Indira Gandhi was in power and the second POTA, Prevention of Terrorist activities act was passed by the BJP government when it was in power. The reason why the acts were allowed to lapse has to be explained by the Congress party to posterity. After all the bastion of the free world the USA and UK have very stringent terror laws passed, yet India which has suffered the maximum casualties in terrorist attacks dithers. This has surprised even the USA.

The lack of a will to enact stringent anti terrorists law is basically a sop to the minority community for if such a law is passed the people most affected would be the Muslims. The fact is that all Muslims are not terrorists, yet the majority of terrorists arrested are Muslim. Thus in case such a law is passed the majority who would be affected are Muslims. To shore up the vote bank the Congress is loathe passing any such an anti- terrorist law, even if the country goes to the dogs. One of the favorite ploys when ever any terrorist activity takes place in India is to blame Pakistan, but the fact is that what has happened is because of local teroor groups who are havinga ball with theCongress government in power at the center.
History will dam the Congress Party for this grave dereliction of duty. It is about time this party was voted out of power.


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