Vidya Bal Bhavan Senior School Mayur Vihar East Delhi

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The School began on 1986 in Mayur Vihar East Delhi as Vidya Bal Bhavan School as founded by Shri Tek Chand Sharma. Forging its own way now, it got recognized by the Director of Education, Delhi Administration in 1989. The School focuses on inculcating the best in our students by providing an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential with a view to empower them to take their rightful place as responsible citizens and leaders in the nation and in global society. It encourages a value system that is essentially Indian, yet outward looking with an eye to international conditions.

The school got affiliated on 2006 as when it got upgraded to secondary level. The school focuses on all-round development and maintained a sound moral base. The mission of the school is to develop young men who have active and creative minds. The school aims at developing young men, who have a sense of understanding and compassion for others. The school also gives the kids the courage to act on their beliefs. The school focuses on the total development of every child.

The school aims at the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the child. The school recognizes that every child is an individual and all children are creative. The Community School respects the individual needs of children. The school fosters a caring and creative environment. The school is one of the best equipped schools in Delhi.

The school was established with a vision of providing quality level of education to its students. The school offers a rich variety of activities and opportunities for children. The school provides child centric education that promotes self-development creativity and the understanding of the rights and wrongs in a stress free atmosphere.

The best and most competent teachers are available. Besides, it the extremely competent principal and an extremely capable and supportive managing body play an important role in school success. Coupled them with the excellent infrastructure available in the school, Vidya Bal Bhavan School can rightly boast of an optimal mix of excellent teachers, competent guidance, visionary management and world-class infrastructure. Putting all this together, Vidya Bal Bhavan School aims to provide the very best of education to our entire student.

The school provides excellent library and reading room facilities. The school library has a collection of wonderful & exciting books suited to the needs & tastes of growing children covering all spheres of activities and varied tastes.

The School Science labs are separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs offer an experience conducive to learning for students of all classes. The labs are well-equipped and provides for not only the prescribed syllabus, but much beyond. ‘Learning by Doing’ is the mantra. Students are taught various scientific concepts through demonstrations as well as by doing experiments.

The school boasts of a complete area devoted entirely to the Arts.  This includes aspects of creative as well as performing arts.

The school looks forward to intense and interaction with our students and their parents with a view to take our vision of providing quality education forward.


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