What You Should Do to Make Your Horse Survive During Winter

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The very low temperature could be dangerous for the health of horses when they are left untreated.  With some valuable tips, the horses will survive in very cold winter within months. We have known that the intensity of riding horse is get decreased with the winter comes. It significantly changes the amount of calories that the horse requires to get through. Having the horses around the barn only will make the calories not optimally burnt and it will affect the health stability.
To assist your horses for staying healthy within winter is a must. To survive within cold winter, the horse must burn more calories but the winter insists them to stay in the barn only. So, what is the solution? Just replace 2 pounds of hay for every abridged pound of grain fed every day. The replaced food will be effective to increase the heat and reduce pressure which usually can be perceived by the horses. Consuming hay is effective to increase the heat and help keep the body temperature. Within the winter, the amount of calorie required is between 10-20%.
Within harsh weather, the supplement should be prepared well to make sure that the horse gets the required amount of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Moreover the mineral licks and salt blocks should also be all set well. Talking about the supplement, it is going to be useless when you disregard the use of water as the most necessary nutrient for the horses. Within cold weather, the horses are prone to get impaction colic. It is caused by the intestine blocked by food.  It usually happens in large intestine and it normally comes because of lack of water. Therefore the use of water is important and cannot be denied of its great function on health.
The winter will be so hard to pass by when we do not yet prepare anything. The horses need blanket to warm the body. Especially for horses with short hair, they need blanket to stay warm against very cold weather. Check the blanket whether it fits on the horse or not.   Make sure that you care about their skin care. It is necessary to prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria which brings effect on the grimy coat. The clean skin will make you easily identify any sores hidden and immediately make a treatment for it.  The horses should be maintained well to endure hard winter.
It is better for you to take the horses out of barn to have some nice activities outside during winter. Do not worry, there is always a nice day for you in winter. Just put on the boots, gloves and so on. The chink is required to make you stay warm during winter. No wonder, riding the horses outside during the winter will bring two benefits for you. First, the horses will stay healthy and you get new experience of riding with horse. Especially for horse with a tail bag, you should regularly replace it every fourteen days. It is necessary to prevent breaking on the tail.


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