Tony And His Paper Horses

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He would request his dad for a real horse but as they had no space to keep him, his father could not buy a horse for Tony. Tony would then play in his room with his rocking horse, his small plastic horses, paper horses and other toys. He would organize races between the paper horses and plastic horses and would spend a lot of time with them.
One day Tony’s dad came home with a piece of paper in his hand. His father said he will talk about it over dinner. Tony’s mother had made his favorite dish, meat balls and rice and tony was excited about what his father would have had to say. He was curious because his father had a secret to share. When it was dinner time Tony kept his horses in their respective stables and ran down in the kitchen even before his mother could call him. Both his parents were in the kitchen and his father asked Tony to sit on the chair.
His father told Tony that from the weekend that was coming, Tony had to go to a new hobby class where the teacher would teach Tony to make paper horses. Tony was thrilled and gave a big hug to his dad and mom and began eating his food. He was so excited that he did not want to eat at all but his mother asked him to finish what was in his plate. Tony eagerly waited for the weekend and asked his mother several times when the weekend would arrive.
Then the day arrived when Tony finally went to hobby class and his teacher made him sit on a chair. The teacher was a nice old lady and started teaching Tony to make a small pony from paper. The pony was made after long 2 hours and Tony carried it back home with pride. After a few months Tony had mastered the art and had about 20 horses and ponies in his room, all made by him. He felt proud of himself and would dream about making large sized horses from paper. One night he dreamt that all his paper ponies and horses were flying in his room and he was flying with them. All were very happy and Tony would make more to add to his collection.
From then onwards every time there was a Birthday party, Christmas party, Halloween, Easter, and all other festivals where there were gifts to be given, Tony would make different paper horses and gift them to his friends, brothers and sisters. Everybody adored Tony and his art and would ask him to make different horses for them. Tony was to become a famous artist who made paper toys and artifacts.


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