Toffee The Race Horse

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He was a handsome horse from birth and a very capable and thoroughbred one. He loved the stable he lived in and was told by his mother that he would turn into an ace racing horse one day. Toffee was still under training and would participate only in small races. Toffee had a dream. He wanted to become the fastest running horse in the whole state and be the talk of the town. He wanted fame and also wanted everyone to look and him and praise him.
In one weeks time there was to be a large derby in the town Toffee lived. It was town which had a large turf and many important derby races would be held there. All the race horses in Toffee’s stable were being prepared for the races. Toffee was not to participate as he was still an amateur and would not be able to take part in big races. Toffee did not like this but knew had to finish his training first. Now because of the big event just around the corner Toffee’s trainer and caretaker were busy with other horses. They would take a few hours practice in the morning and the rest of the day would be free for Toffee. He could do what he wanted in his shed.
One day the caretaker finished with Toffee’s cleaning and polishing and was called for immediately. Sam as he was called was a young lad and had to obey his supervisor’s orders. In a hurry he forgot to tie Toffee to the log and also left the door of the shed open. Toffee was sad that no one was paying any attention to him and had a grumpy mood. Then he saw that the shed door was open. He was ecstatic. Now he could roam around on the stable a bit and come back before anyone noticed. He walked slowly out of the shed and started to go towards the back of stable from where the race track could be seen easily. The races were on and Toffee was thrilled to have got a chance to see the race.
He saw the way the elder horses ran and how the best horse won the race. Toffee knew instantly that he had to pay attention to his training and all the instructions the trainer gave in order to run on the tracks the way the others were running. He made a promise to himself that he would not miss a single training and would obey his trainer. He then saw Sam come his way. Sam was looking for Toffee and had spotted him moving astray on the back side of the stable.  He caught hold of Toffee’s belt and sat on him. Both of them moved back to the shed and Toffee knew what he had to do from the next day onwards. Be a good race horse.


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