Rosy And The Corn Truck

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Rosy who was to become a race horses was pampered and kept well by her caretaker. He would feed her, clean her and would give her the best treatment. She was a thoroughbred and would turn into a winning race horse when she was groomed properly. Rosy had a dislike for corn. Being a horse she should have liked to eat corn and corn kernels but she did not like them at all. Rosy would not eat her lot of corn and would pass it on to her friends.
Her caretaker would keep telling rosy about the goodness of corn and how it can be beneficial to her. Corn is full of proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. He would explain to her everyday that if she wanted to be a successful race horse she had to eat corn to get the energy and built of an ideal race horse. Rosy would listen to the caretaker but no eat the corn. She did not know why she disliked it.
One day she was trotting in the open grounds of the stables with her friends. It was free time between two training sessions for them. During this time Rosy saw a huge truck entire the stable grounds. She was curious to know what was inside the truck. She told her friends that they should go and see what’s inside the truck. Everyone denied but she persuaded them to come. All of the walked slowly near the truck. The driver had parked the truck outside the storage shed and had gone to speak with the stable owner. Rosy trotted all around the truck and then when came back to the back side.
Her curiosity kept increasing minute by minute and when she reached the back of the truck she saw a small knob. It was protruding out and as if asking her to pull it. She pulled at the knob with her head and all her friends were watching her from far away. They did not want to get involved and hence just watched the fun. Rosy tugged hard at the knob for the last time and a loud click was heard. The cover of the truck came off and descended to download a downpour of corn kernels. They came like a landslide and landed on Rosy’s head, body and all around her. She was so shocked that she did not move and stood there like lightning had struck her.
The corn kept piling on top of her and all around, sinking her in corn kernels. She did not know what to do. The stable owner, truck driver and all other stable men came running to see the truck and the sorry sight of Rosy. All laughed out loud and especially Rosy’s caretaker who knew how much Rosy disliked corn. Rosy was angry at first and then laughed at her own state as she was swimming in corn from head to toe. 


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