Review About Horses And Ponies

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The horses belongs to the family in which they are separated from the other specie and are being classify in different groups due to their different an interesting features. There are also many types of the horses which are also classified into the groups due to which they can be easily identified.
Pony is also the animal which is basically found in the northern areas. Ponies are the type of the horse and is also belongs to the same specie of the horse. The ponies are being different along with the horses because of the small size and small shape. But in order to select between the horse and the ponies then most of the people go for the ponies because according to them the ponies are look more attractive then that of the horses. But the main problem developed when the people want to buy the pony then they are being confused due to the reason because there is no difference between the pony and the young horse. So there may raise the difficulty for those people who do not have such idea about the ponies. The hand of the ponies are of some centimeters and on the other hand the feet’s of the horses are bigger then the pony.
There are also some breeds of horses which are usually trained for the races. But those horses are not found everywhere because they are very special breed which are born just for racing. the ordinary horse do not have this ability and if the ordinary horse can be used for the racing then those horses needs more training to participates in the race. With those horses many of the people earn the money by playing as the gambling. They just pay the money for the horse who they think that this win the race.  It means that the horses may also be used for illegal purposes.
The pony on the other hand is also used for many places like the government brought the ponies from many countries and placed them in different zoos of different cities. They are the source for the people which entertain them. In zoos the ponies are being placed but they are not place alone because they need some of the companion with them.
The important thing about the horses breed is that they are also used for the famous game which is normally named as the polo. In this game the horses are being trained and the player on them handles the horses and plays the game while sitting on that horse. They are also of special breed and very much time is being required in order to train the horses for this game. So, this is the fact that both the ponies and horses play a very important role in this world and is very cute animal.


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